Drama high in Omaha!

What a first day for Olympic trials in Omaha. Just wow! Where do I even start? Lets start by congratulating a few new members of the USA Olympic team.

Chase Kalisz 

Jay Litherland

Maya DiRado

Congrats to you all on your hard work it has paid off. They have punched their ticket to Rio.

Now let’s dive into the action. I have a lot to cover in just little time.

Men 400 IM:

This played out not how I was expecting it too and my first failed prediction to be honest. For starters Tyler Clayer had a terrible prelim swim got 8th and then scratched for finals. That right there threw a wrench into my prediction. Think Chase was going to be on the outside looking in again for the third straight trials.

I was way wrong. Lochte is the one on the outside looking in. Fantastic swim by Jay Litherland and Chase Kalisz.

Chase posted a time 4:09.54 while Jay posted 4:11.02. A full second faster than the defending olympic gold medalist.

That right there is how trials started off. Two new young bloods from Georgia rising up and defeating Ryan Lochte.

Women Semi finals 100 Fly:

This one is a no brainer and can be really quick. Dana Vollmer she’s a beast and put up a 56.90. And the young blood from Louisville Kelsi Worrell put up a 57.12. The next person that is even as close is by almost a full second. Dana looked amazing, she needs to fix that finish but should be getting that ticket to Rio same with Kelsi.

Men 400 Free:

NOW!!! THIS WAS A RACE!!! I’m not a fan of distance. They are long and boring. You sit there and just watch them go back and forth. But Clark Smith Townley Haas Conner Jaeger and Conner Dweyer really put on a show.

Clark smith going out in a 53 flat to start it off is insane! I think he got to over excited and over swam the first 200. I think Haas did the oppiosite. It looked smooth from Haas  side but I think if he put a little more juice in that first 100 the results could of been different.

Smith just ran out of gas. Haas on the other hand caught not only his teammate Smith but Jaeger and Dwyer. Just he ran out of pool. Haas will be for sure no doubt in my mind that he’s going to Tokyo in 2020.

But I’m counting those two out so soon? They both have the Mile and the 200 coming up later this week. So, Who knows!! Just like we saw in the 400 IM anything can happen.

Women 400 IM:

What a great story this race has to offer. Maya DiRado punched her ticket to Rio. She’s been trying for 12 years to get that ticket. She came out a couple months before trials and said no matter what this will be her last attempt and if she makes it the olympics will be her last meet of her life. Well Maya you’re going to have to wait a few more months before you hang up the goggles.

Maya dominated the whole race from start to finish edging out Elizabeth Beisel. London’s 2012 silver medalist. These two had it won after the first 200. It was no where near close.

Semis Mens 100 Breaststroke:

Ohh, here we go. A new American Record set by University of Arizona Alum Kevin Cordes. He said before the Semis he had a lot in the tank and well he did. Now I hope he has a lot in the tank for tomorrow during finals when it counts. Because it’s anyones game really.

Now Kevin gets it, okay. Who goes in second? There are 7 other guys that could sneak up there and take that second spot. It really is that close. I’ll get into that a bit later in a different post.

Kevin looked explosive and was out very fast. He seemed to be moving with ease and power. We’ll see what happens tomorrow during the finals.

That is a little recap of what went on today. The action starts again tomorrow morning at 8:00PT and 10:00ET on NBC Sports and the NBC Sports App. I will do a bit of a low down during the day tomorrow of what to expect for finals tomorrow and then a recap of the evening session.